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Thank you for supporting this ministry through your prayers, volunteer service and financial support. Each of the families featured here boldly chose to share their stories with you. All of them were faced with difficult decisions as a result of unplanned pregnancy, but God has blessed them beyond belief because of their choice of life.

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+ Kara and Hope
Kara admits that being a mother is the hardest thing she’s ever done, but one look at Kara with Baby Hope, and it’s obvious that Kara is a great mom! Kara’s favorite service that the Center provides is the Lactation Classes.

+ Taniki, MaKailyn and MelTavin
When Taniki came to the Center she was shocked, overwhelmed and pregnant with twins. Taniki has spent the past year faithfully attending a weekly Bible study with one of our volunteer advocates. She now describes herself as grounded in the Word of God.

+ Sharon and Quinn
When Sharon first came to the Center, she needed material assistance, but when she and her husband became pregnant again, she came because she wanted spiritual encouragement. Sharon says, “You have no idea what kind of impact you have on someone. You give people hope. This is a safe place to show people love.”

+ Chelsea and Logan
Chelsea was scared and not sure that she was ready to be a mother, but one look at baby Logan and she knew he was meant to be. Chelsea has been most blessed by the personal relationships she has built with people at the Center. She has grown closer to God. Having received God’s forgiveness, she is now able to extend that forgiveness to others.

+ Alex and Brendan
When Alex found out she was pregnant, she thought she had made the biggest mistake of her life. Instead, she has discovered the biggest blessing – Brendan and Jesus! Alex participated in Embrace Grace, a church sponsored discipleship group. Alex says, “Embrace Grace brought me to God; everything is new!”

+ Kenyouna and Ase'
Kenyouna was not planning on being pregnant. She was confused and worried about how to provide for this baby and had no idea what she was going to do. She took notice of the love that was spoken and shared with her at the Center. This “unplanned” pregnancy has brought her closer to Jesus, and she now expresses this love to all of her family – especially her new little princess.

+ Kristina and Kate
Kristina is YCRC’s Embrace Grace Ambassador. Kristina understands the overwhelming needs of a young women in a crisis pregnancy. More than material assistance, these women need spiritual help, but they will not come without the material needs being met, first. Kristina’s dream is for the Church to welcome single, ashamed, pregnant girls instead of turning them away.

+ Alicia and Trinity
Alicia came to the Center looking for someone to support her. She was frightened about being a new mother. The parenting classes have been an invaluable resource for her. She wants supporters to know that although you may not be able to see it, you are impacting lives.

+ Rosemary and Josh; Anastasia and Joshua
Rosemary and Josh are so thankful for the parenting classes that are helping them become the best parents they can be. The vouchers they earn from attending classes enable them to shop in the Abundant Joy Boutique to purchase items their babies need. Without the ministry of the Center, they would have no way to receive these resources.

+ Taylor and Bryson
Taylor was so afraid when she found out she was pregnant. She was not in a good place to care for her baby. She says that the Center has helped her to make better decisions and has brought her closer to God. In Taylor’s words, “Having this option (Your Choice PRC) saves lives! Thank you!”

+ Harley and J.C.
Haley is married and owns her own business, but when she first came to the Center she was scared, worried, 17 years old, and pregnant. She was greeted by a caring advocate at the Center who assured her of God’s love. An ultra sound revealed to Haley the miracle that was growing inside of her. Haley’s prayer is that every pregnant and scared teenage girl has the opportunity to go to a pregnancy resource center like Your Choice.

+ Shay and Kennari
Shay was knowledgeable about many things except giving birth and being a parent. She eagerly signed up to take as many classes as possible. Shay says, “I met so many amazing people. It’s been a blessing since the day I walked in the door.” Shay tells everyone she meets about the good things at Your Choice.

+ Tamika and Jo'siah
Tamika was in denial about being pregnant and considered not continuing in the pregnancy. She was worried about her family’s and God’s response to her. The advocates at the Center assured her of God’s unconditional love for her and her baby – whom she now refers to as her bundle of joy! Tamika says the Center is a place where everyone feels loved. If Tamika could, she would give each supporter of Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center a big hug.


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