Plumb Line #4 – Empowering not enabling our clients

Plumb line # 4 Empowering not enabling our clients

At Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center, our mission is empowering women, men and families who are in crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy or disease through the Christian ministry of compassionate care.

We want to empower clients to make wise and healthy decisions, not enable them to continue down a destructive life-path. Our volunteer advocates help clients think through their current circumstances and how to move forward in a positive way.

Clients must earn vouchers in order to shop our Abundant Life Baby Boutique. Vouchers are earned by attending classes.  We offer prenatal and parenting classes, abstinence support classes, life-skills classes, and Bible studies.  As opposed to handouts, parents feel empowered when they earn the opportunity to purchase items their babies need.

Plumb Line #3 – Teaching Sexual Integrity & Promoting Marriage

Plumb line #3

Teaching Sexual Integrity and Promoting Marriage

True2You and all of our sexual integrity curricula help us reach students before an unplanned pregnancy can occur. Our programs present abstinence as the only 100 percent effective way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Students and clients are encouraged to consider the beauty and safety of sex within a committed marriage relationship.

However, if an unplanned pregnancy does occur, we provide our clients with factual information on all their pregnancy options. Should they choose to place their baby for adoption, we will refer them to a reputable adoption agency.  Should they choose to parent, we will walk beside them during their pregnancy and provide them with resources and services they need.  Our Learn2Earn classes will equip clients for life after pregnancy as well.

Regrettably, some of our clients will choose abortion. Should they make this choice, we offer support for healing through abortion recovery.

One of our sexual integrity teaching points is renewed virginity. A commitment can be made even after becoming sexually active to remain abstinent until marriage.  Clients can participate in one-to-one abstinent support sessions and Bible studies to help them maintain their commitment.