Meet Delphine!

Staff Spotlight is Shining on Delphine Martin

Delphine is the first person you see when you come into or call the Center. Her official title is Client Services Specialist, but she wears many hats and, as she puts it, “rides on the wings of flexibility.”  When she is not working she enjoys flower gardening, spending time with her family including taking care of her mom.  You will also find her studying and reading God’s Word along with praying and worshiping.  Delphine first learned about the Center when a co-worker suggested they take the volunteer training.  She felt this was a good fit because she loved helping young people and considered herself a people person.  The rest is history as she has now been a part of the Center for over 18 years!  When asked what she enjoyed most about the Center she responded, “knowing that God can use me in such a small way to share a smile, hope and encouragement to those who come into the Center; whether it’s a client or someone just needing information.”  Delphine encourages anyone interested in volunteering to seek God and pray about what area He would have them serve and then to schedule an appointment with our Client Services Director to get more information about the Center, its mission and purpose.  We asked her if she could have any superpower, what it would be. She responded, “To share the Word of God with boldness to everyone and not be ashamed that Jesus Christ is Lord.”  She is challenged each day to remember that she may not be able to help everyone, but is thankful for the divine appointments that God graciously provides to be there for the ones He does send her way.

Did you know:
…that Delphine once wanted to be a nun
……that her dream car is a black corvette
………that she and her husband, Michael, dreamed of opening a home for needy children