Maybe the “G” in GPS stands for GOD!

A man with dreadlocks and a thick Jamaican accent pulled up to our mobile unit, and asked if he could make an appointment for his girlfriend to get an abortion. He had typed “abortion clinic” in his GPS, and it led him to our mobile unit! (The abortion facility is actually across the street.)

We explained that we did not do abortions, but we could give him information on abortion risks and procedures, and we could offer his girlfriend a free ultrasound. We made an appointment to meet them two days later.

Disappointingly, the couple did not show at their appointed time. As we were packing to leave, he called and said they were on the way.  When they finally arrived, the father of the baby – who was the one adamant about having the abortion – had to be at work, so we met with the mother, alone.  She listened attentively to everything that was shared.  On the ultrasound, she could clearly see her very active little baby. She shared that she did not want to have an abortion, but the father was insistent, so she would be calling an abortion facility.

We called to check up on her, today, to see how she was doing. She shared with us that the father was no longer in the picture, and she would be keeping her baby!  We were able to connect her with the pregnancy center in her area for on-going support.

Who can fathom the ways of God? The man who was intent on aborting his child was instead used by God to save him or her.  In this instance, at least, the G really did stand for God!