Why I Support the Center

There are numerous reasons why I am eager and enthusiastic about supporting Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center.  Put simply, Jesus loves saving lives.  Through compassionate care, many of the men and women are choosing life for their child, and they are choosing eternal life through Christ.  Thank God for a ministry that is holistic in helping people physically and spiritually.

Teenage pregnancies have been reduced, and the sanctity of marriage is being protected.  In addition to mothers, the Center reaches out to fathers by counseling and listening to them.  They understand the mother’s decision often hinges on the support of the father.  Thank God that the Center’s work doesn’t stop at the birth of the child.  They support the mother and child up to a year after birth.

As a business owner, I think it’s my responsibility to support organizations that enhance the quality of life for our local community. 

God is working mightily at Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center.  Will you join Him?

Joseph Bobbitt
Business Owner & Board Member