First Baby Born from Mobile Unit

The day to day work of the mobile ministry team is not always joyful, but, today, we had a very special assignment. We delivered gifts and toys to the family of a newborn baby boy.  Baby C is a direct result of our mobile ministry.  He is the first documented baby born who was saved from abortion because of the mobile unit.

Baby C’s mother was referred to us by her OB doctor. Although she lives in a different town, we were able to meet her in the mobile unit near to her workplace.  When she came on board the unit, she was certain abortion was her only option.  After receiving information and support including a free ultrasound of her 7 ½ week old baby and seeing his little heart beating, she realized she wanted nothing more than to protect and care for her baby.

As we held and kissed Baby C, today, and hugged his mother, she repeated over and over, “I’m so thankful I had him.” She admitted that early on she had not wanted him, but now, she can’t imagine life without him.  She said he has impacted her entire family for the better.

If you are interested in volunteering on our mobile unit, please call the Center 252.446.2273.