Maybe the “G” in GPS stands for GOD!

A man with dreadlocks and a thick Jamaican accent pulled up to our mobile unit, and asked if he could make an appointment for his girlfriend to get an abortion. He had typed “abortion clinic” in his GPS, and it led him to our mobile unit! (The abortion facility is actually across the street.)

We explained that we did not do abortions, but we could give him information on abortion risks and procedures, and we could offer his girlfriend a free ultrasound. We made an appointment to meet them two days later.

Disappointingly, the couple did not show at their appointed time. As we were packing to leave, he called and said they were on the way.  When they finally arrived, the father of the baby – who was the one adamant about having the abortion – had to be at work, so we met with the mother, alone.  She listened attentively to everything that was shared.  On the ultrasound, she could clearly see her very active little baby. She shared that she did not want to have an abortion, but the father was insistent, so she would be calling an abortion facility.

We called to check up on her, today, to see how she was doing. She shared with us that the father was no longer in the picture, and she would be keeping her baby!  We were able to connect her with the pregnancy center in her area for on-going support.

Who can fathom the ways of God? The man who was intent on aborting his child was instead used by God to save him or her.  In this instance, at least, the G really did stand for God!

Plumb Line #5 – Partnering with the Church to fulfill the Great Commission

Plumb line #5   Partnering with the Church to fulfill the Great Commission

Although the focus of our ministry is equipping women, men and students to make life-affirming choices in regards to their reproductive and sexual health, we know that our ultimate calling and service is to introduce them to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center is a para-church ministry, which means that we serve alongside the Church in fulfilling our Lord’s command to make disciples.

We are one avenue in which believers can use their gifts to evangelize our community. We are happy to assist the local church in training its members in how to share the gospel and providing opportunities to tangibly show the love of Jesus.

The Church has been commissioned by the Lord to make disciples, baptize and teach. Discipleship is difficult and long-term; it must be intentional.  Discipleship of our clients who receive Christ is vital to their success in making life-style changes and creating Christian families.  Discipleship empowers our clients to live the abundant life that Jesus promises.

Plumb Line #4 – Empowering not enabling our clients

Plumb line # 4 Empowering not enabling our clients

At Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center, our mission is empowering women, men and families who are in crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy or disease through the Christian ministry of compassionate care.

We want to empower clients to make wise and healthy decisions, not enable them to continue down a destructive life-path. Our volunteer advocates help clients think through their current circumstances and how to move forward in a positive way.

Clients must earn vouchers in order to shop our Abundant Life Baby Boutique. Vouchers are earned by attending classes.  We offer prenatal and parenting classes, abstinence support classes, life-skills classes, and Bible studies.  As opposed to handouts, parents feel empowered when they earn the opportunity to purchase items their babies need.

Plumb Line #3 – Teaching Sexual Integrity & Promoting Marriage

Plumb line #3

Teaching Sexual Integrity and Promoting Marriage

True2You and all of our sexual integrity curricula help us reach students before an unplanned pregnancy can occur. Our programs present abstinence as the only 100 percent effective way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Students and clients are encouraged to consider the beauty and safety of sex within a committed marriage relationship.

However, if an unplanned pregnancy does occur, we provide our clients with factual information on all their pregnancy options. Should they choose to place their baby for adoption, we will refer them to a reputable adoption agency.  Should they choose to parent, we will walk beside them during their pregnancy and provide them with resources and services they need.  Our Learn2Earn classes will equip clients for life after pregnancy as well.

Regrettably, some of our clients will choose abortion. Should they make this choice, we offer support for healing through abortion recovery.

One of our sexual integrity teaching points is renewed virginity. A commitment can be made even after becoming sexually active to remain abstinent until marriage.  Clients can participate in one-to-one abstinent support sessions and Bible studies to help them maintain their commitment.

Plumb Line #2 – Serving as Pro Abundant Life

Plumb line #2: Serving as Pro [Abundant] Life

Pro-life ministries are often criticized for only caring about saving a baby’s life without addressing the real-life struggles of the parents facing an unplanned pregnancy. However, our first client is the mother. Not only do we pray diligently that she will choose life for her baby, but that she will also find eternal life in Christ. We never force anything on anyone, but if we are given permission, we will share the gospel message.

Jesus Christ said, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”  We are concerned with spiritual life as well as physical life.  Our holistic approach to ministry addresses the material, emotional and spiritual needs of each person who comes to us for help.  We celebrate motherhood, fatherhood, and marriage.  The abundant life of Jesus Christ is at the heart of every service we provide.

Plumb Line #1 Making abortion unnecessary and unthinkable

Plumb line #1: Making abortion unnecessary and unthinkable

Plumbline #1: Anyone thinking about having an abortion believes it is necessary, and there are no other or better choices.  By sharing accurate information on all pregnancy options, as well as, the procedures and risks of abortion, we enable those who come to us for help to make life-affirming choices that are right for them.  Abortion becomes unthinkable for most of our clients after they learn about fetal development and what happens during an abortion.  Through our free limited ultrasound, she can be introduced to the tiny person growing inside of her.

Whether our client chooses to parent her child or make the very difficult and sacrificial choice of placing her child for adoption, we will support her. Should she choose adoption, we have a number of adoption agencies to which we can refer her.  The agencies we work with stay with the mother throughout her pregnancy and delivery.

If our client chooses to parent her child, we offer many prenatal and parenting classes. We also have retired labor and delivery nurses who teach childbirth and breast feeding classes.  Any class or bible study attended earns the client vouchers that she can use to purchase maternity and baby items in our Abundant Joy Baby Boutique.  Our clients can stay with us for up to one year after the baby is born.  We also have a plethora of agencies, support groups and churches to which we can refer our clients should they need further help.  We do everything possible to make abortion an unnecessary choice for clients.

What is a Plumb Line?

What is a Plumb Line?

A plumb line is an ancient tool dating back to biblical times used to determine vertical accuracy.  Every organization needs standards that will test its direction and motive to ensure alignment with the organization’s vision, focus and purpose. Every organization needs plumb lines.  At Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center, our plumb lines are the interests of Jesus Christ. Every service and ministry must serve to glorify God, advance His kingdom, and show His love to others.

We are beginning a blog series to help our ministry partners and others better understand who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We’ll begin by sharing the mission, focus and purpose undergirding the ministry of Your Choice PRC (pregnancy resource center); then we will lay our plumb lines.

Our Mission:   Empowering women, men and families who are in crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy or disease through the Christian ministry of compassionate care.

Our Focus:  Equipping women, men and students to make life-affirming choices in regards to their reproductive and sexual health.

Our Reason:  All human life is holy, because every person is created by God in His image.


Kristina was a nursing student, single and pregnant. . .

Kristina was a nursing student, single and pregnant. . .

I craved attention, even if it wasn’t completely respectful.  I didn’t want to go back to being “alone.” So I settled. I chose instant gratification over eternal satisfaction, and I ended up pregnant. Pregnant, terrified, and still “alone.”

During my pregnancy I wrestled with God over the circumstances I found myself in. How had this happened? I was a “good girl.” This was not my life plan, nor anywhere near fair – in my opinion. I was so immature, insecure, and just wanted to feel “loved.” Then enters, Jesus… The one I always “preached” about to others, but didn’t really know.

Kristina anticipated her church’s judgment and lectures on bad choices. But judgment and criticism are not what she received; instead she was blessed with a beautiful baby shower and the love and support of her church family! This response of Christ’s love and grace changed Kristina’s and Baby Kate’s lives forever.

Now, I see so many girls in the same place I was two years ago, and all I want to do is share with them all the great love that I’ve been given, because, when you find something good you share it with others! Like a 50% off coupon… Except this one says FREE, no strings attached and never expires.

God put into Kristina’s heart a passion to pour out on others this love and grace that saved her. When she came across Embrace Grace on the internet, she knew God wanted her to start an Embrace Grace group.

God gave two women from Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas the vision for Embrace Grace. What began with two leaders and 3 girls has launched into an international PRO-LOVE movement.  Hear the heart of the Embrace Grace leaders:

God is such an amazing God, when He wants to get someone’s attention and woo a girl closer to Him, He might just use a baby to do it. He might just bless them with the sweetest face they’ve ever laid eyes on, so they can finally get a tiny glimpse of just how BIG His love is for each one of us. What if we thought differently about people; looked past their sins and looked at the actual person?  What if we made the church a safe place for girls to take refuge for their weary hearts and pointed them to the foot of the cross and helped inspire a passionate relationship with Christ?

Kristina and Sunset Avenue Baptist Church just hosted a baby shower for 5 beautiful moms. When this group began 12 weeks ago, the moms came with much fear and hesitation, but now they enter the church fellowship hall with joy as they are welcomed for Wednesday night supper.  They giggle as they make their way to the comfy room the church as created for them to meet.  At the shower, they shed tears of joy for the love poured out on them.  In the words of one of the moms, “God has done a 180 in my life!”

The PRO-LOVE movement is reciprocal. The girls and their families have poured love back on the church, and many in the church are finding an outlet to serve and a place of healing for their own past hurts.  Friendships have been made that will last a lifetime.  None of us are the same! A baby really does change everything! Thank You, Jesus!

There are many others who need a group like this. Is God calling YOU to start an Embrace Grace group in your church? Please contact me at 446.2273 or .

He Stood at the Front Door

He stood at the front door of the Center. He and his wife had been here before, and we helped them because we offer one-time emergency assistance for those who are not our clients.  But now he was back asking only for a pacifier but needing so much more.  Due to difficult circumstances, he and his wife are caring for their grandbaby.

Our hearts were torn. Our clients go through so many diapers; we always need them.  Their baby wears size four diapers, and we have so few larger sizes. Besides, we had already helped them. So . . . we gave him a pack of 3 pacifiers – along with a pack of diapers and some formula. J

As soon as we handed him the pack of diapers, the phone rang. On the other end, a voice said, “Hello, I’m from Parkwood Baptist Church, and my ladies’ group has collected diapers for the Center.  Can I bring them by, today?” God is so good! Within the hour, the Center was blessed with numerous packs of diapers.  Among the different sizes there were 2 packs of size 4 diapers! We had nervously given away 1 pack of size 4 diapers, but God graciously gave us 2 packs of size 4 – plus many more!

My God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19