Plumb Line #1 Making abortion unnecessary and unthinkable

Plumb line #1: Making abortion unnecessary and unthinkable

Plumbline #1: Anyone thinking about having an abortion believes it is necessary, and there are no other or better choices.  By sharing accurate information on all pregnancy options, as well as, the procedures and risks of abortion, we enable those who come to us for help to make life-affirming choices that are right for them.  Abortion becomes unthinkable for most of our clients after they learn about fetal development and what happens during an abortion.  Through our free limited ultrasound, she can be introduced to the tiny person growing inside of her.

Whether our client chooses to parent her child or make the very difficult and sacrificial choice of placing her child for adoption, we will support her. Should she choose adoption, we have a number of adoption agencies to which we can refer her.  The agencies we work with stay with the mother throughout her pregnancy and delivery.

If our client chooses to parent her child, we offer many prenatal and parenting classes. We also have retired labor and delivery nurses who teach childbirth and breast feeding classes.  Any class or bible study attended earns the client vouchers that she can use to purchase maternity and baby items in our Abundant Joy Baby Boutique.  Our clients can stay with us for up to one year after the baby is born.  We also have a plethora of agencies, support groups and churches to which we can refer our clients should they need further help.  We do everything possible to make abortion an unnecessary choice for clients.

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