Plumb Line #4 – Empowering not enabling our clients

Plumb line # 4 Empowering not enabling our clients

At Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center, our mission is empowering women, men and families who are in crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy or disease through the Christian ministry of compassionate care.

We want to empower clients to make wise and healthy decisions, not enable them to continue down a destructive life-path. Our volunteer advocates help clients think through their current circumstances and how to move forward in a positive way.

Clients must earn vouchers in order to shop our Abundant Life Baby Boutique. Vouchers are earned by attending classes.  We offer prenatal and parenting classes, abstinence support classes, life-skills classes, and Bible studies.  As opposed to handouts, parents feel empowered when they earn the opportunity to purchase items their babies need.

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